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Staff Opportunities

The Applied Computer Science group (CCS-7) is the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s vanguard research organization for scientific applications at extreme scale. The four focus areas of the group are (1) applications, algorithms, and hardware co-design; (2) collaborative programming and development of scientific applications; (3) programming models, runtime systems and tools; and (4) data science and visualization at scale. Projects are funded by a variety of federal funding agencies and typically involve collaborations inside and outside of the Laboratory, in line with the group’s commitment to engage with theoretical, experimental, and computer-systems scientists to develop integrated, cross-disciplinary solutions at extreme scale. 

CCS-7 invites applicants for a position of Scientist 2 or 3 to join the Data Science at Scale Team and strengthen our existing software efforts in visualization and data analytics for large scientific simulations. We seek candidates who want to make significant contributions to the long-term health of visualization, data analytics, multi/many-core analytics programming, and commercial virtualized data environments at LANL as we achieve all of our milestones, prepare to deal with the complexities of future computer architectures and the challenges of ever-growing data sizes, and continue to grow LANL’s capabilities in these important areas. The successful candidate is expected to be a self-starter, given initial direction and requirements from technical project leads, and work as part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team to support the group’s core competencies in data science at scale.

If you have interest in this position, we invite you to apply for Requisition IRC40715 by visiting Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Career Page.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has an active postdoctoral program and the Data Science at Scale team is seeking candidates. If you are interested, we invite you to learn more about the program by visiting the Postdoc Program Page and by contacting us directly.

Student Opportunities

The Data Science at Scale team employs a number of students each year as interns. Most of the students participate in the  Data Science at Scale School. If you are interested, we invite you to learn more about the school by visiting the Data Science at Scale School site and by contacting us directly.