The Los Alamos Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) Data Science at Scale School was inaugurated in 2013 to recruit outstanding students to the laboratory to participate in data intensive science projects. Particular focus is placed on using big data technologies to gain insights from science data. Although most students are present at the lab for 12 weeks in the June to August time frame, the schedule is flexible to meet individual needs.

Students work together with computer and application scientists to produce prototypes that solve a data intensive scientific problems of interest to the laboratory. Their code and reports are published as open source and composed into a suite of programs that help characterize the growing data intensive science workload at Los Alamos.

The school hosts visitors most weeks and for special occations. The visitors interact with students and staff and participate in the weekly reading group. Additionally, the Data Science at Scale School co-sponsors seminars throughout the year with the Los Alamos Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI). The seminars are given by visitors invited to the school and are typically held at 3PM on Wednesdays in the CNLS Conference Room (TA3/SM1690/RM102).

Outstanding undergraduate or graduate students in computer science, data science, math or statistics are encouraged to apply for positions in the Data Science at Scale School by January 15 of each year. Students need not be US citizens.

Applications for summer 2020 are now closed and selected applicants have been notified.