Kathrin Feige visited the Data Science at Scale Team on October 3 and 4. She is currently a postdoc at the University of Kaiserslautern with the Computer Graphics and HCI Group. During her visit she presented a talk titled “Footprint Computation for Urban Canopy Layer Measurements”. The abstract for her talk was “Relating observed air temperatures to the urban morphology surrounding the utilized sensor is essential in order to assess the microclimatic impact of urban form and design. The footprint of a sensor is a means to describe the impact of upwind surfaces on an observation, and can thus be used to quantify this relationship. While the most frequently applied footprint models are two-dimensional, treating the elements upwind of a sensor as surface patches with certain characteristics, the three-dimensional geometry of urban canopies requires a more complex approach. In my talk, I will present our approach to this problem, which is based on CFD simulations to estimate a steady-state, three-dimensional wind field at the time of an observation taken within the urban canopy layer to determine a sensor’s upwind area.”