Paul A. Navrátil is an expert in high-performance visualization technologies, accelerator-based computing and advanced rendering techniques at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include efficient algorithms for large-scale parallel visualization and data analysis (VDA) and innovative design for large-scale VDA systems. Dr. Navrátil’s recent work includes algorithms for large-scale distributed-memory ray tracing. This work enables photo-realistic rendering of the largest datasets produced on supercomputers today. He is Director of Visualization at TACC, where he leads research and resource provision for remote systems and local human-data interaction (HDI) environments. Dr. Navrátil’s work has been featured in numerous venues, both nationally and internationally, including the New York Times, Discover, and PBS News Hour. He holds BS,MS and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and a BA in Plan II Honors from the University of Texas at Austin.