Over decades and centuries, the practices of art and science have diverged as separate disciplines and, driven by scrutiny and opinions, have sought to define what makes a great artist or scientist. It is not surprising, therefore, that many scientists remain unfamiliar with the many and varied artistic contributions to scientific advancement. Art-science case studies aren’t encountered in our everyday work, but they can be highly suggestive of approaches for creative thinking and innovation. Today you can readily find scientists whose work could be shared with the general public more effectively. By introducing an Art on Graphics department to CG&A, the department editors aim to expose the work of teams that draw on the skills of art, science, and technology professions to make rigorous innovative contributions to the domain of computer graphics and applications. Bruce Campbell and Francesca Samsel edited ‘Pursuing Value in Art-Science Collaborations‘ for the ‘Art on Graphics’ department of the January/February 2015 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.