Data scientists from LANL won the Best Visualizaiton and Data Analytics Showcase award at Supercomputing 2016 for their video detailing the science and high performance computing (HPC) behind the study of asteroid impacts in the ocean. The award-winning team included scientists from LANL’s Data Science at Scale team (John Patchett, Boonthanome Nouanesengsy, Karen Tsai and David Rogers), LANL’s Integrated Design & Assessment group (Galen Gisler), and UT-Austin (Francesca Samsel, Greg Abram and Terece Turton). They analyzed and visualized large scientific data from a simulation of asteroid ocean impacts, in order to better understand the threats they pose. The LANL Data Science at Scale Team won this award at Supercomputing 2015 last year as well. Their work is summarized in a paper and video. John Patchett is shown here presenting their work at Supercomputing 2016 in Salt Lake City.