Wu-Chun (Wu) Feng is the Elizabeth & James E. Turner Fellow & Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech. His interests lie broadly at the synergistic intersection of computer architecture, systems software and middleware, and applications software. Most recently, his research has dealt with high-performance networking protocols, dynamic multicore scheduling, accelerator-based computing for bioinformatics, virtual computing, power-aware computing, and bioinformatics in general. He joined Virginia Tech in 2006 after spending seven years at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is the recipient of three Best Paper Awards in human-computer interaction, high-performance networking, and bioinformatics, respectively, and three R&D 100 Awards in green supercomputing, high-speed networking, and bioinformatics, respectively. He leads the SyNeRGy Laboratory as well as four grass roots projects: The Green500 List, mpiBLAST, Supercomputing in Small Spaces, and MyVICE.